Lorenzo Barichella of training dog launches new video course – DOG LICENCE

Renowned dog trainer and founder of Training Dog, Lorenzo Barichella, announces the launch of Dog Licence, an all-inclusive video course to provide effective dog training tips to pet parents.

Lorenzo Barichella has again created another resource for dog owners, as he launches the Dog Licence video course, a move that reiterates his commitment to help strengthen the relationship between dogs and their owners. The digital online video course is comprehensive, detailing tips to help dog owners raise their pets from “puppyhood” to elderly life.

“I personally created the DOG LICENCE, a fast and effective learning programme to help you become a confident and responsible dog owner. I will take your hand from day one and I will lead you throughout the entire life of your dog. Get your dog licence today to avoid crashing with your dog! Play safe, be responsible and improve your life and the one of your dog.” – Lorenzo Barichella.

Dogs are popularly described as man’s best friends and rightly so. However, enjoying the companionship and other amazing benefits of owning a dog requires some bit of work to train the pet and avoid dog behavioural issues and such challenges. Consequently, Lorenzo, the founder of Training Dog, is sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience as an experienced dog owner and expert trainer with the world, as he launches Dog Licence.

Dog Licence contains vital information that people should have before even owning a dog, saving them the stress and risk associated with improvising and ultimately making lethal mistakes that leave them dealing with critical behavioural issues. The course is divided into 10 sections, containing 108 videos lasting a total of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

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