Dog chews and the feel good factor

Now we know why our dogs look so happy and excited when given a chew toy. Not only do they assist in maintaining healthy teeth, allow the animal to work out anxiety and boredom, they also, according to the experts, help the dog to feel good. This is because when a dog chews, feel good chemicals called endorphins are released from the brain. We also get this feel good factor from vigorous exercise such as running or jogging. Chews are an excellent way to keep a dog happy and occupied when you are busy or need some quiet time. Puppies soon get bored and up to mischief but give them a chew and they will be content for a long time also high energy dogs can expand excessive energy when chewing.

There are many different chews on the market. Rawhide chews are readily available in pet shops and supermarkets in the form as twists and rawhide bones. Rawhide as the name suggests is made from animal skin. Rawhide chews should not be given to large breeds of dogs because they are able to bite off large pieces when the hide becomes dry and brittle and when ingested they can cause problems. Leather chew toys have health risks too as they cannot be properly digested in the stomach and may cause blockage in the intestines.

is a good chew toy for dogs. The rubber is moulded into all sorts of shapes and sizes, some with a hollow which contain treats. Your dog will spend as long as it takes to extract the treat and have lots of fun and enjoyment during the process.

Relatively new chew on the market are Stag’s Antlers. These chew are gaining in popularity as they have many advantages. They are totally natural, long lasting; contain a fantastic amount of minerals. And don’t have an unpleasant smell (dogs find the smell delicious) and because they last for months your dog can go back to them time and time again. They are also great for cleaning the dog’s teeth. They don’t break up or splinter but instead they wear down slowly as the dog grinds them with his teeth breaking off tiny pieces, which means they don’t bung the dog up as do some chews. They are free from chemicals, preservatives, colouring and additives.

There should never be a shortage of antler chews as every year deer grow a new pair of antlers which they shed in winter. Antlers are composed of a bone like material which is why they last so long. Another reason why dogs love antler chews is because after much chewing the outside of the antler wears away and a lovely treat of dry marrow is exposed.

You can buy antler chews in different sizes small ones for toy dogs and very large one for big dogs, with many sizes in between. They are suitable for puppies who are teething.

With Antler chews, like any dog chew you must be watchful while the dog is chewing. It’s particularly that little bit at the end which the dog could choke on. It can be difficult to get that last bit off him but offering a nice treat can work. Remember Antler chews are very hard, so you don’t want your dog to chew so hard he damages his teeth.

Anyone caring for a dog in a home will find giving the dog a chew at that crucial time when the owner has just left their pet, might be helpful in getting the dog to feel at home and content.

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