How to Find the Best Groomer for Your Dog

Everyone loves a nice, clean, happy dog! While regular at-home baths are a must for most dogs, regular trips to the groomer can also be important to assure your dog stays as healthy as possible. But a good groomer does more than just bathe and cut dog fur, they are trained to perform several helpful services that are a must. Explore all the benefits that a groomer can provide and learn how to find the best one for your pet!

What services do dog groomers provide?
A good local dog groomer should be able to provide a wide range of care services that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each dog. Here are the most popular services that must be a part of any good groomer’s skillset:

They should have the tools to fully clean and bathe any dog breed. This includes brushing out the coat, shampooing, washing, drying, and finally, fully trimming and combing out the coat again.

Using a variety of sanitized clippers and scissor sizes, dog groomers should be able to safely trim the fur around a dog’s eyes, ears, private areas, and paw pads. While owners can try to maintain their dog’s coat length, these parts are typically sensitive and are usually best handled by a professional groomer.

Groomers should also provide nail clipping services in a safe environment. This can be very helpful for many dogs who fear getting their paws touched or the noise made by a nail Dremel. Nail clipping is very important to avoid infection and other issues, but owners may not always be able to complete this task effectively and without risk.

A groomer should also be trained in inspecting a dog’s ears and skin for any infection or irritation that could result in deeper problems. Not every groomer may be able to provide these services, but many are also trained to correctly brush dog teeth as well.

Finally, some dogs may require anal gland cleaning or will need specific services after coming into contact with a skunk, fleas, or ticks. These services may vary depending on the location or may also involve the assistance of a veterinarian if they are severe.

Some groomers go above and beyond adding in free clothing such as bandannas, treats, giving your dog mouth wash if they have stinky breath, collars, branded leashes of the groomer, and harnesses. The free gifts are also good for the shop to advertise free of charge.

What should you look for when selecting a groomer for your dog?
There are many great groomers, but not everyone will be the best option for your dog. When searching for a new groomer, it’s important to make sure that they are following best sanitation practices. This includes keeping all tools and workspaces clean and disinfected to keep all dogs healthy. Then check to make sure the groomer has the correct tools and extensive experience dealing with your specific dog type. Depending on the breed, some dogs will require unique tool sizes or services that should be perfected, to provide your dog with the best experience. A good groomer also needs to have safety devices in place to help with aggressive or anxious dogs. Even the best-behaved pets may lash out in fear when they are around the varied sights and sounds of a grooming shop. Keeping them, as well as the groomer, safe must be a top priority. Speaking of safety, talk to your groomer to make sure they are trained in dog first aid, just in case any serious problem occurs while your dog is getting groomed.

What are some other things to consider when looking for the best groomer for your dog?
You can also ask about and research any specific certifications or accreditations that the groomer has to help further direct your final decision. Even with the best-reviewed locations, a level of trust and respect must be built between each groomer and dog. Don’t hesitate to try a different groomer if your dog doesn’t seem to be connecting with its current service provider. This is normal and a professional groomer will completely understand. It’s realistic to also be aware of location and price as well. If your groomer is too far away, it may make it harder to schedule and keep regular appointments, which are needed to prioritize your dog’s health. There are many costs associated with owning a dog that must be considered, including trips to the groomers. Since this is a service that should be maintained, make sure you can find a groomer that will fit into your budget.

How frequently should you have a dog groomed?
The best frequency for dog grooming will vary, based on the breed and specific needs of your dog. Some show dogs may require multiple weekly trips to the groomer in order to stay in top shape. Typically, a normal pet of any breed could visit the groomer once a month and stay happy and healthy. But this may change if your pet has specific health needs or a coat that requires extra seasonal care. Talk to your groomer or veterinarian to determine the best frequency for your unique pooch!

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The Best Vans for Dog Groomers and Walkers

The dog has widely been considered man’s best friend because of its unflinching loyalty, unconditional love and excellent companionship. But these special friends will often need special care and attention when their human moms and dads are at work or otherwise unavailable. Many dog lovers will take up a career in dog walking or grooming because of their special affinity to these terrific animals. This is especially needed by those who have to be at the job but want their four-legged friends to enjoy fresh air, exercise and proper grooming.

Today, dog care has become a booming business. The popular website, The Good Dog Guide, was launched in 2011 and lists over 10,000 dog care professionals, providing support to millions of UK dog owners. For many people, the life of a dog care worker is ideal, but many more will find the setbacks are considerable. Did you know that London has the highest number of dog walkers per capita In the UK?

In the following article we will take a closer look at the various activities of the average dog walker or dog groomer and take a look at what types of features they should consider when choosing a van that will suit their needs. We will then take a look at some of the options on the market now and examine what it is that makes some vans more ideal for dog walkers, groomers and those that care for dogs.

If you have been looking for a very specific vehicle, but not sure what are the specifics you will need more than others, find out here. Sign up for our newsletter and we will show you some of the most important things to look for to meet your needs. Don’t worry if you haven’t got the cash to buy a van outright check out bad credit van leasing.

Why do dog walkers and groomers need a van?
The average dog walker will charge £10-£20 an hour for their services and this often means taking out more than one canine out at a time. This means that they will certainly need space in their van to collect several dogs of several sizes and transport them to a place where they can be walked. For this reason, the size of the van is very important.

If you are a mobile groomer for canines and felines, you will probably need a large enough space in the back of the van for you to set up your equipment and various cleaning agents and still have space to work on an animal that can be very large. Your grooming center will include hairdryers, baths and benches where you will work on hair and nails. Then you will need enough space to accommodate your size and allow you to move and work well.

What size vans do dog walkers and groomers need?
We have spent time looking through forums on the topic and the general consensus is that dog walkers often work in teams of two and therefore need the capacity to comfortably transport as many as 10 medium sized dogs at a time.

Some professional dog walkers have mentioned that an average sized car is sufficient for transporting 2-3 dogs at a time. But when it came time to upgrade their businesses, they found that getting a van was the most logical step. The Peugeot Partner had the capacity to hold up to four good sized cages. If you will be considering working with greater numbers of dogs, you will need to consider how many cages can be properly fit in the back of your van so that you can safely transport more than a few dogs.

If you are a groomer you need to consider that not all the animals you will be grooming will be petite felines or chihuahuas. This means you will want to consider getting a van that can potentially hold a large St. Bernard and allow you the space to address the animal adequately.

If you are a mobile groomer you will need to consider how the fixtures, appliances and benches will be arranged in the back of the van you choose. It is a good idea to have some idea of how this will work before you choose the van.

What modifications need to be made to the van?

Dog Walkers
The dog walker can take advantage of some special additions and modifications that can make their work considerably easier. The most common thing is a set of cages in the back of the van. Different cages, designs and materials will vary in their costs. Some of the more costly options will even have climate control to keep your canine clients cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are even vents and motorized airflow channels that can keep the dogs as comfortable as possible during their transportation. Then, you will probably want some storage space for poop scoops, towels, leads and anything else you may need on hand to function optimally.

You should also consider that your dogs will probably have some “accidents” in the back of the car and this can include vomit, urine or fecal matter that will need to be cleaned regularly. Make sure the floor and sides of the van are easily cleaned and hosed down.

Dog Groomers
If you are looking to break into the dog grooming business — the cat grooming business has also been booming recently — you will need a different set of modifications for your van.

The inside of your van will have to be 100% waterproof, because you will be bathing animals. You should also make sure that the temperatures can be controlled because you will be working in the van during all times of the year and this can include the extreme cold and you will want to be comfortable and make sure that your clients are also comfortable.

You will need to have a bathing area that comes complete with a shower head. You will also need the work bench complete with restraints so that clipping nails and trimming hair is an easy task. In addition to these essentials, you will need the right storage space to accommodate a wide range of storage for brushes, clippers, scissors, towels and brushes. Because you will be working all hours of the day, you will also need to ensure that you have ample lighting.

Naturally, you are not going to find many vans on the market that already come equipped with your parlor on wheels. But you will be happy to know that many different companies provide this service.

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The perfect solution to all your dog friendly needs

Head on the keyboard, I’ve had enough.  I’m tired of looking for the perfect solution to my needs.  I grab my coffee and head over to the back door where I stick my head out for some fresh air, oh I wish I could have a holiday somewhere quiet away from it all.  I know that’s not possible because of Lula my mix breed dog, she’s an absolute nightmare on the lead, in the house, in the car, you name it I hide from it!  So here I am stuck at home with my barking, lead pulling (that’s why we don’t get out much) dog.  I do love her and want to have a special bond with her but I can’t find what I’m looking for, I don’t even know what I’m looking for.

I pick up a tennis ball and throw it into the garden, Lula loves to play a game of fetch, it brings her alive and she brings it back and runs to fetch it, this could go on for hours how come it doesn’t make her tired?  I bring her in and try to wipe her paws, yes you guessed it she doesn’t like that either and we end up in a wrestling match with me flat on my face in the middle of the kitchen floor.

That’s it, I’ve had enough! I slam the back door and head out of the kitchen back to the computer.  I know what I’m looking for!  Dog Trainer in King’s Lynn is added to the web browser.  Dog Trainers, Behaviourists and Clubs/King’s Lynn/Norfolk wow that’s the one! I click and get a bright dog friendly page full of dog trainers in King’s Lynn.  I look though a few of the premium pages and it catches my eye Game Based Trainer.  Lula it is meant to be young lady, today is day one of our new journey.

The website was bright, light and full of fun, showing how games created learning through choice – I was hooked and clicked on the Make an Enquiry button on The Good Dog Website.  Excited I jumped up and made another coffee returning quickly to The Good Dog Guide website and where it said click to choose a category I chose Self Catering and in lovely Norfolk.  I booked our holiday for September which gives us four months of intensive game based training sessions to have the best holiday ever!

Thank you The Good Dog Guide you have it all covered!

Article supplied by to Julie Carter at MyLuka Dog Training Solutions